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Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy of the Republic of Poland
The Senior Citizens Department (DAS) official name

The Senior Citizens Department is a Unit, which is responsible for creation and development of ways and directions of all kind of actions for senior citizens to improve the level of their social, public, professional and private life by realization of the Government Programme for Social Participation of Senior Citizens (ASOS – Rządowy Program na Rzecz Aktywności Osób Starszych).

The main goals of the Department are:
• coordination and realization of Government Programme for Social Participation of Senior Citizens (ASOS);
• coordination of cooperation with organizations and institutions, which direct their actions to senior citizens like, for instance active and health aging process;
• designing and promotion of new solutions to develop senior citizens supporting system;
• to initiate research and forecasts in the area of senior citizens living conditions;
• information and educational actions to promote the role of the senior citizens in our society.

The Department Director is Lidia Ułanowska.
our head office address:
ul. Nowogrodzka 1/3/5
00-513 Warszawa
Our Contact:
phone.: +48 22 661 18 47
fax: +48 22 661 18 57
our e-mail address:

contact form:

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