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Catalogue of good practices from first edition of ASOS Programme
Universities of Third Age
Webpage information materials about projects performed as a framework of the Government Programme for Social Participation of Senior Citizens
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Catalogue of good practices from first edition of ASOS Programme Webpage information materials about projects performed as a framework of the Government Programme for Social Participation of Senior Citizens
Webpage information materials about projects performed as a framework of the Government Programme for Social Participation of Senior Citizens

Social Activity and Integration Center (Centrum Aktywności i Integracji Społecznej) – is realizing the “E-Senior project in nowadays world”, which act against electronic and internet exclusion by gaining new skills about communication technologies by people over age 60, who live in Szpotowa voivodeship.


Social Initiative Center (Centrum Inicjatyw Społecznych) – was realized the “PESEL – is not everything” programme (PESEL – to nie wszystko) from November 2012 to June 2013, which was directed especially to senior citizens. The programme was invented to utilize the knowledge and life experience of senior citizens to improve the functioning of the local communities. Among the many activities, which were realized by the project we need to mention:

  • setting up of the volunteers group;
  • elaboration of “Active Citizen ABC” guide, which help to understand the legal acts and bills.

Worth to mention is also a very interesting initiative, which was creation of website, where the Citizens of Gliwice can post information about local events.

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Foundation for Alternative Education Initiatives (Fundacja Alternatywnych Inicjatyw Edukacyjnych) – project “Passport to Active Aging” was co-founded from ASOS Programme financial measure. Project was realized from November 2012 to June 2013 and it have four blocks of subjects:

  • English language courses;
  • consumer and patient rights;
  • traveling and access to internet of senior citizens;
  • elementary rules for investing of life-savings  

All classes were conducted for free in Bielsko-Biała.

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Łukaszewicz Institute Foundation (Fundacja Instytut Łukaszewicza) – it performed the project “To tame aging” , which the main goal was increasing of senior citizens participation in social life. Foundation created a platform with publications and scientific publications, which are dedicated to aging population process and contain some ideas of how to include senior citizens in actions.

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Foundation for Human Capital Development (Fundacja Rozwoju Kapitału Ludzkiego) – it completed “The Health Food Project” by website , which promotes the healthy lifestyle and diet. The website is aimed at all age groups.


Local Group of Action “Land of Parafinium oil” (Lokalna Grupa Działania “Kraina Nafty) – they performed the project “Aging is also good and the youth can last forever” („Starość też radość, a młodość trwa wiecznie"). The main goals of the project were integration between generations, increasing of the life level of people over age 60 and under age 18 and also creation of many different groups of backup for this kind of actions. Project was realized from November 2012 to April 2013. The main priorities were:

  • organization of inter-generational classes;
  • actions against e-exclusion;
  • physical activities and workshops.

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The Milanowsky’s University of Third Age (Milanowski Uniwersytet Trzeciego Wieku) – Milanowsky’s Incubator of Enterprise 60 + is a project, which act in the four areas:

  • health and beauty;
  • memory training;
  • “My Friend Computer” – IT course;
  • senior citizens' image in the media.

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Polish Union of Deaf People in Sanok (Polski Związek Głuchych Koło Terenowe w Sanoku) – is realizing the programme “Active Together”. The main goal of the union is integration between generations of people over age 60 and also their engagement in other areas of social life.

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Polish Economic Association – Branch in Gdańsk (Polskie Towarzystwo Ekonomiczne oddział w Gdańsku) – it performed the project “Pomorska Academy of Banking for Senior Citizens” from the 1st January to the 31st October 2013. The main goal of the programme was to increase the number of senior citizens, who use the banking services. The major subjects of the project were:

  • Economy;
  • Computer and IT operating;
  • Psychology workshops.

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Civitas Association (Stowarzyszenie Civitas)it realized the project “My Passion”, with major goal of engagement of senior citizens into public and social life by their knowledge and experience. The undertaken action during the programme were personal development workshops for the senior citizens, education, volunteering for senior citizens, actions to create the senior club.

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Częstochowa 2020 Association (Stowarzyszenie Częstochowa 2020) – project “Active Senior” was directed to senior citizens from the city of Częstochowa. Project was realized in cooperation with local Universities of Third Age. The main activities of the project were:

  • English language courses;
  • Latin-American dance courses and meeting with travellers;
  • Building the support system for the Universities of Third Age.



“Manko“ Association (Stowarzyszenie “Manko”) - main goal is to increase the participation of senior citizens in the social and public life and also to increase the cooperation between generations. The second area of action is dedicated to education of senior citizens.


St. Lucas Association for Social Care and Health Protection (Stowarzyszenie Pomocy Społecznej i Ochrony Zdrowia im. Św. Łukasza). The main goal of the project was improvement of life conditions of senior citizens by social activity and increasing the meaning of senior citizens in the local communities in the Oleckie region by creation of University of Third Age.

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Sudetian Council for Commerce and Economy (Sudecka Izba Przemysłowo-Handlowa) – the project “Intergeneration Workshop of Success” was directed to senior businessmen (over age of 60) as well as to the people under age 35 who are planning to run their own business. The programme had four modules:

I) monitoring and communication;

II) planning and running own business;

III) company management;

IV) building the reputation and tradition of the company.

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University of Third Age in Białystok (Uniwersytet Trzeciego Wieku w Białymstoku) – the project “Stronger with Health”. As a part of the framework, the University  organized classes about health and disease prevention and also conducted the physical exercise workshops and IT courses.
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